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Another summer passed by

en marzo 21, 2014

2013 summer.


Belle and Sebastian is quite a magical group. I had already listened to them but it was not until I had them in a mixtape that I became aware about their existence. Sometimes it is not the first impression that counts. Something must happen for you to wake up and start seeing things differently. It has happened to me many times with people and it happened with you.

♪ Boo to the business world ♪

I love music like that. Simple melodies and beautiful lyrics. I remember I told you about them. You said it was good when looking for something quiet, but now I think you were just condescending ☺ Like the time I said about that group you loved, they were not bad. We were only starting to know each other’s musical preferences.

I have dreamed of watching them live since I don’t know when and the time came last year summer. They were in line for Rock en Seine 2013 edition, the first day in the afternoon. I took the day off. I was so exited about the whole festival. It was the first time I was going the complete 3 days. I had resigned myself to go alone when I bought the tickets, but luckily we met once again some weeks before and you let me join you that weekend.

I try not to have things to regret in my life. But something for which I will kick my own ass forever is that I had the chance to get on the stage beside Stuart and the rest of them and I didn’t. I do not know why. Well, I do know but it is so shameful. Things like that only reminds me that I hate myself for being way too shy. I had the chance and I wasted it!

Anyway, it was great! the whole weekend was something to remember. We ended Sunday with mud in our shoes and I promised to dye my hair in red if we came back this year. And I was happy I found new people to share music with. Nowadays, I am happy I saw you again because even if we were not that close, I kinda think of you as a milestone in my life path. Thank to you I met people who became more than important to me and who gave me joy when I needed the most.

♪ I hate feeling this way, oh… I know that you hate it too ♫

But my hair won’t change. You left us and I still cannot realize you are gone. And I am sorry to relate you with Belle and Sebastian. I am sure you would have loved to be remembered with any other much louder group. Do not worry, they will remind us of you as well. And now that I think about it, concerts in heaven must be damned fucking awesome!

We’ll miss you man.



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